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Work, Exploration, University/ College, Technical/Vocational/Artistic Programs, Mentorships, Apprenticeships, MOOCs

Upon completion of High School, graduates having an integral mindset, approach the next phase of their lives engaging in thoughtful choices.  They ask how their selection affects their whole self.  They use their relationship with their mind, body, spirit and emotions to help define how they spend the next crucial years of their lives. Whether they select school, travel, work, service or something else, they know that they never stop learning and expanding themselves, and they know that their continued education will be consistent with the life they are inventing for themselves. These young people are committed to practicing integrality – connecting the dots in their lives such that what they have learned deepens from information they have assimilated, to knowledge and understanding about themselves, others and the world around them, which ultimately manifests as wisdom.


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