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Integrality offers a transformational interpretation of Elderhood, humans’ next stage of development during their lifetime.  A condition of integration, connection and wholeness redefines what it means to be an elder, to the individual and the culture/society of which s/he is a part.

Lifelong learning continues with this dynamic quality of redefinition/reinterpretation – what it means to be an elder now belongs to the elder, and not an ill-founded societal category. An integral approach to this stage of our lives deepens the interconnection of our mental, spiritual, emotional, physical intelligences/energies. The awareness of this integration of our energies/intelligences brings a quality of creativity to our Elder years; there are so many choices from which to choose and opportunities to recreate ourselves over and over.

A new paradigm/model of Elderhood is being co invented, which has few “rules” for the emerging role. Elders, as a collective, are combining their knowledge, experience and understanding into wisdom. They are modeling an integral worldview, educating younger generations to embrace their wholes selves throughout their lifelong learning.




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