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ICOT, (Individual, Cultural, Organizational Transformation) Education

This year-long program commences with a  3-Day experience addressing the essentials of transformation and integrality that bring a new level of awareness and competence to those participating. Using dialogue, practices, individual and group exercises and reflections, the sessions promise participants clarity of understanding and experience of the way they create their reality, individually, culturally and organizationally. ICOT education utilizes participants’ current, and relevant projects and situations to demonstrate the value of using the fundamentals of transformational learning and change.

The content includes an in-depth exploration of the quality of the  participants’ daily environment, e.g. the listening, speaking, conversations, attitudes, interactions, behaviors, beliefs,  etc. Topics such as , 1) identity and how it gets formed, at the  level of individual ,culture and organization, 2) the quality of relatedness and communication among team members and its impact on productivity, 3) the nature of the “self “and reality, 4) the source of passion, creativity and accomplishment, 5) language and its role in creating the work environment, 6) trust, 7) how a learning culture emerges , 8) the development  of an integral worldview, and 9) individual breakthrough and transformation, are some examples of what participants can expect from the ICOT education.  Follow up sessions, integral projects and coaching are  essential components of this engagement in business integrality.