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Adulthood, (40-60 yrs old ) is a period of life in which most individuals have reached a level of maturity, e.g., having a perspective of life that is inclusive and able to experience multiple points of view.  Most adults are aware of their life’s purpose and pursue people, activities, and knowledge that support that purpose. They have stability, directedness, and intentionality, which contributes to the feeling that their life has meaning. They generate meaning for themselves and the people around them, through work, family, community, and personal interests.

They assume responsibility for themselves, their family and often for the people with whom they work and the community within which they live. An integral adulthood reveals flexibility, knowledge, understanding, an identity that is consistent with an individual’s  passions, expertise, talents, motivations;  a unique self-generated, self-aware, trusted  ‘Self’ emerges in Adulthood.  It is a time in which adults continue their development of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences through their own purposeful exploration.

Adulthood can also be in a transitional phase for some in which one stage ends and another begins. It can bring self-evaluation; adults reassessing their lives, values, identities, cultural  allegiance etc. This can be a time of reflection, reevaluation, and making changes consistent with what has emerged in one’s life. An integral worldview supports this inquiry and validates this quality of introspection. At times, substantial changes are required; bringing an integrated intelligence can highlight a pathway from turmoil to transformation.

Adulthood naturally invites choices; about the future,  possibly retirement,  legacy creation,  further self-expression  through vocation, avocation, mentoring  or volunteering.

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Dr. Daniel Siegel: Mindsight Institute

Dr. Gordon Neufeld :Neufeld Institute

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