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More and more research and exploration into the field of epigenetics indicates that the way we care for and relate to our self (and our partner) physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually throughout pre-conception, pregnancy and birth will have significant and lasting impressions on our brain’s limbic imprint and long term health and psychology of the human being born. The idea of consciously preparing for conception, pregnancy and birth is becoming an important consideration for new parents of our times.

Conscious conception starts with the intention to create a space of love, clarity of purpose of being a parent and a full examination of lifestyle, habits, emotions and beliefs. This honest inquiry coupled with dedication to enhancing a couple’s physical health and vitality, and a commitment to completing any past relationship patterns, creates an experience of integration, for couples, families, and newborns.



Conscious Conception: Elemental Journey Through The Labyrinth Of Sexuality by Jeannine Parvati & Frederick Baker