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Dying Process

Integrality brings connection, integration and wholeness to the process of dying, not only for the person transitioning, but also for their loved ones, family and friends. Approaching this phase of life, while engaging our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences, we transform our experience, by being present with all our senses and bringing that awareness to this last period of our life.

Our mental intelligence invites us to a conscious passage, with an acknowledgement of the uniqueness of our process with its multifaceted nature. Our integral consciousness makes it possible to relate to our experience of dying with a sense of causality not victimization; creativity rather than domination

Our emotional intelligence assists us in being present during the process, more willing to feel the many different emotions associated with dying; i.e., letting go, relief, wonder, fear, confusion, anger, loneliness, releasing, grieving, awe, completion, etc. Some of these emotions e.g. fear or loneliness, we may never have been willing to fully explore. Emotions, like fear, when experienced integrally can be profound openings into one’s true nature or Self. Also, people relying on their emotional intelligence are more willing to share these disparate and oftentimes unexperienced emotions with others who listen in such a way that the energy of the emotions is expressed and dissolves; a liberating freedom results.

Our physical intelligence helps us prepare for the body’s natural process of closing down which follows its own timeline. Our connection with our body brings an awareness of the partnership we also have with our emotions, spirit, and mind. Our relationship with these unique expressions brings a deeper understanding of the naturalness of dying.

In the course of transitioning, all our energies are in the process of completion. Our spirit prepares to move from the material existence into the next dimension of life. It completes its natural process of reconciling with people, (a letting go) and unresolved issues (resolution) and releasing from the body, the immediate environment and attachments. People participating with a loved one in an integrated passing, with support and encouragement, have the opportunity to co-create a profound final stage of one’s life

When loved ones, family and friends of people transitioning bring an integral mindset to the process, they honor the person’s uniqueness and support their way of experiencing this stage of their life, e.g. their timing, wishes, completion. They can assist the person in transition achieve a sense of peace and unity with respect to their life and the world itself; the ultimate integrity. Saying goodbye in this “sacred” container is a precious gift human beings can give one another.

Bringing an integral approach to the process of dying will transform our culture’s way of relating to dying.


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